Vice President of Administration

                                                           Carrera Mullinax, CP


Carrera Mullinax serves as Vice President of Administration for the 2017.  As this position is responsible for the coordination of all Section meetings, Carrera prides herself on the fact that she is a regular attendee at many Section meetings since first becoming a member in 2010. Carrera strongly believes in continuing education and the honing of skills that allows us as paralegals to better serve our clients and places of employment. To that end, Carrera actively volunteers as a mentor for the UCI Division of Continuing Education’s Paralegal Certificate Program, has taught at this year’s CP/CLA review course, and hosted this year’s OCPA Member Family Day event.

Carrera is a National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) –certified paralegal and currently works as the paralegal to the City Attorney of Newport Beach. Prior to her current job, she worked in private practice in Family Law and Probate for seven years. Her experience in both transactional and litigation experience allows her to relate to a variety of fellow paralegals in our industry.

Her role in the City Attorney’s office continues to assist her in being an excellent member of Board of Directors because she helps steer a large organization in managing both its people and risks. She fulfills and helps similar responsibilities and duties that are required and valued in both the City and OCPA. These responsibilities include excellent service to their constituents, being a role model of integrity, understanding conflicts of interest, preservation of confidentiality, protection of assets, and maintaining ethical values.




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