Sections & Committees

Audit Committee Vicky La Celle, ACP
  Hilary Martin

Section/Committee Chairs 
Bankruptcy Section OPEN

Bankruptcy Section OPEN

In-House/Corporate Section Luigi Guereca
In-House/Corporate Section Lisa Gratzer
In-House/Corporate Section Reina Solis
Criminal Section Katherine Gracia
Criminal Section  Stephanie Alfaro
Employment/Labor Section  Natalie Athas
Employment/Labor Section  Robert Wenzel
Estate Planning/Probate/Elder Law Section   Susan Schwartz
Estate Planning/Probate/Elder Law Section Robert Wenzel
Estate Planning/Probate/Elder Law Section Karen D. Rios
Ethics Section  Hap Mendez
Ethics Section  OPEN

Family Section OPEN
Family Section OPEN
Health Care Section OPEN
Health Care Section OPEN

Immigration Section  Patricia Mosby
Immigration Section  Paulina Wisniewska
Intellectual Property Section Rachel Alm
Intellectual Property Section Stephanie Kann 
Litigation Section Susan Schwartz
Litigation Section OPEN

Real Estate Section  Patricia Mosby
Real Estate Section  Stefani Sanatar
Technology Section Grady Glover
Technology Section  Kim Passey
Technology Section
Donna McNally
Education Conference Chair Lindsay Soule
Education Conference Co-Chair Natalie Athas
Education Conference Advisor Kai Williamson
Corporate & Advertising Coordinator  Kai Williamson
MCLE Coordinator/Compliance Carrera Mullinax, CP
Membership Coordinator  Cynthia Castillo
Postal Mail Coordinator Vicky La Celle, ACP
CLA Review Course Julianna Hallsted, ACP, PHR
CLA Review Course Vicky La Celle, ACP
Hotel Hospitality Co-Chairperson Tanya Chopra
Hotel Hospitality Co-Chairperson Lorena Hughes
Hotel Hospitality Speaker Coordinator Kai Williamson 
Compendium Editor Lorena Hughes 
Compendium Coordinator OPEN

Job Bank Coordinator Kai Williamson
Scholarship Chairperson Lorena Hughes
Student Scholarship Chairperson Tracy Morgan, CP
Vendor Mixer Coordinator OPEN

Public Relations Lindsay Soule
Salary Survey Vicky La Celle, ACP
Pro Bono (Legal and Charity) Kerry Schoonover
Pro Bono (Legal and Charity) Leila Conrad, CP

Webmaster Kerry Schoonover
Proof Reading Committee Leila Conrad, CP

Student Paralegal Chairperson Kai Williamson, M. Ed.
Student Paralegal Chairperson Tracy Morgan, CP
Student Liaison, Cerritos College Cristina Gutierrez
Student Liaison, Coastline Community College Kelly Gilliam
Student Liaison, Fullerton College Alexander Melvin
Student Liaison, Irvine Valley College Corina Oxford
Student Liaison, Santa Ana College Lindsey Durbin
Student Liaison, Santa Ana College Destiny Orengo
Student Liaison, Santa Ana College Louis Martinez
Student Liaison, UCI Diona Fu
Student Liaison, UCI Natalie Vasquez


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