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Photo/Image Release

Effective Date: Upon acceptance by Member, or any event attendee, between Orange County Paralegal Association and Member.

1. Release of Liability

Member, or any event attendee, voluntarily and knowingly agrees to this Photo/Image Release with the express intention of eliminating the liabilities and obligations of the Orange County Paralegal Association, its directors, officers, members, employees, agents, and all others acting on its behalf (collectively “OCPA”).

2. Release of Claims

Member, or any event attendee, hereby releases OCPA from any and all liabilities, obligations, claims, known or unknown, that have arisen or may arise from the use or publication by OCPA of Member’s, , or any event attendee's, photograph, digital image, or likeness on the OCPA Internet webpage or other electronic social media, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Ping, or other similar electronic social media. Not only does Member, or any event attendee, grant this release on his or her own behalf, but on behalf of any other individual or entity that might have a derivative right or claim by, under or through Member, or any event attendee, and Member, or any event attendee, warrants he or she has not assigned any such or similar rights or claims to other parties.

3. Consideration

In exchange for granting this Release, Member, or any event attendee, acknowledges the receipt of consideration, the sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged.

4. Binding Effect

In executing this Release, Member, or any event attendee, additionally intends to bind his or her spouse, heirs, legal representatives, assigns, and anyone else claiming under or through him or her.

5. Understood, Agreed & Accepted

Member, or any event attendee, has carefully read this Photo/Image Release and agrees to its terms and conditions as of the Effective Date.

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